Meet Our Team

The ISQCTAG team is composed of exceptional elements with the ability to address any challenge. We are a young team that can count on vast modern Theoretical Knowledge, as well as Years of practical experience in Laboratory Tests and Process Engineering, combined when dealing with several successful projects within the Automotive Industry.

André Mendes


Business Management and Organization. Marketing and corporate communication. Quality management. Automotive Engineering for the validation of components and subsystems. More sustainable and eco-efficient automotive technologies.

Elena López

Test Laboratory Manager

Bachelor in Chemistry.
20 years of experience in the Automotive Sector, specialized in component testing and validation.
Regulations and Technical specifications of new tests.
Research in new materials.
Laboratory Quality Management and ISO 17025 Accreditation.

Jaime Cabada

Process Engineering Manager

Working methods. Industrialization.
Factory 4.0.
Quality and productivity.
Lean & Kaizen.

Pedro Rebelo

Laboratory Technician

Degree in Physics Engineering.

20 years of commercial experience as Key Account Manager and Business Development Manager for Industry, Universities and Research Centres.

João Rodrigues

Laboratory Technician

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
Production Management, sizing, and design of Steam Generators and Industrial Installations.
Autocad, Solidworks, Solidedge, VisualBasic.
Renewable Thermal and Photovoltaic Energy.
Validation of Automotive components.

Sofia Branco

Laboratory Technician

Graduate in Business Organization and Management.
Project Management of Automotive Component Validation in the areas of Environmental, Corrosion and Physico-Chemistry.
Laboratory Quality Management for ISO 17025 accreditation.

Rita Pena

Technical Manager

Degree and Masters in Chemistry.
5 years of experience in the Physical-Chemical area of Automobile Components in laboratories with ISO 17025 accreditation.
Mechanical, Physical, and Chemical parameters of Automobile Components.

Henrique da Silva

Laboratory Technician

18 years of experience in Accredited Laboratories: Chemistry, Physics, and Research Laboratories.

Luís Santiago

Robotics and Instrumentation Programmer

In-depth knowledge in the field of Industrial and Domestic Electricity.
Control and Manufacturing Processes in the Automotive Industry.
Dimensioning, Planning and Monitoring of industrial projects in the areas of Mechanics and Automations, with capacity in terms of Programming of Automata and HMI.

Ricardo Pereira

Logistics and Administrative Technician

Laboratory Management and Logistics

João Lourenço

Laboratory Technician

Masters degree in Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering with specialization in Telecommunications. Experience in validation of automotive components and subsystems.

Cristiana Loureiro

R&D Engineer

Degree in Economics and Master in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Experience in financial and operational management of R&D projects, mainly national and European co-financed projects.

Daniela Pimenta

Laboratory Technician

Degree in Chemical Engineering and in Industrial Engineering and Management.

André Fernandes

Robotics and automation engineer

Degree in Electronic Engineering and Computer Networks

Manipulation and programming of ABB robots, automation of SIEMENS elements and MIG-MAG welding means.
Welding and mechanical adjustments in injection molds.
Technical drawing tools, electronics, electricity, pneumatic circuits in industrial machinery and implementations of industrial machinery.
Quality certification processes for the automotive industry.

Carlos Fernandes

Mechanical designer of machines and means of assembly

Master in Materials Engineering by the University of Minho.

4 years of experience in the naval sector as designer and metallurgical engineer.
Design and development of prototypes for foundry.
CAD modelling and simulation in CAE software (Structures, Fluids, Pressure and Temperature).
Knowledge of machining, metallurgy and welding.
Specialist in 3D printing.