Process Engineering

State-of-the-art engineering and innovative technology for the automotive industry

Our Process Engineering services bring the latest innovation and technologies to the emerging automotive industries

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Increase your productivity and the value of your products with our engineering knowledge and the most advanced technologies, along with proven experience and state-of-the-art technical knowledge in process improvement.

Conceptual Validation
· We help you adopt productivity-boosting technologies by incorporating technologies developed in our projects and Research & Development (R&D) department

Technological Demonstrations
· Take advantage of flow simulations, robots, and laboratory testing guided by our engineering knowledge to integrate the most advanced technologies

Commissioning and Operation Systems
· Transfer the solutions to your factory with a full warranty


Stay on top of your business and make informed, accurate decisions by process digitalization and digital transformation.

Integration of “MES Digital Factory”
· Automated digital factory support systems
· Integration of all processes and all departments of a factory
· Cross-platform software

Factory Scan Support
· Continuous factory improvement support through BIGDATA systems

Application Development Based on Arduino and Raspberry
· Integrate processes with the Internet of Things (IoT), testing, and Prove Of Concept (POC) platforms

Automated engineering system with artificial vision


Select from many dedicated products with proven technologies ready to be adapted to you.

Robotic Systems for Sanding / Automatic Polishing of Parts
· Stress control and finish for appearance parts

Quality Welding Control System
· Automated external robot quality control by sensing and scanning

Compliance Control System
· Low cost 3D geometric analysis to assure production compliance

Control and Measurement System for Markings in Parts
· Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and recording depth measurement

Automatic Labeling System
· Automatic label printing system for robotic processes

COBOT - Collaborative Robot for engineering process


Robotize and automate industrial processes with systems designed, manufactured, and integrated by us.

Robotic and Logistic processes supported through Digital Twin
· Robotics and Flow processes simulation
· Design of processes and production cells: robotic programming, automation, and electromechanical, electronic design

Use of Collaborative Systems: Robots and Claws
· UR, Fanuc, Kuka

Integration of Robotic Logistics Systems with AGVs

Study and Integration of Artificial Vision Systems for Quality Control
· 3D / 2D / Surface Control

Development with Hardware Platforms
· Monitoring, Internet of Things (IoT), sensors


Select from many dedicated products with proven technologies ready to be adapted to you.

We assist our clients in a wide field of activities.

At ISQCTAG, we rely on our human capital with extensive experience in the industrial sector and with the necessary skills to offer our clients the necessary knowledge and skills in disciplines such as:

· Quality, Stamping and Welding of Metal Parts and Plastic Injection

· Mechanical, robotics, automation, organization, and software engineering, adapted to customer needs



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