Tests of Components and Materials in Motor Vehicles

DIN 75200 Determination of the burning behavior of interior materials in motor vehicles
ISO 3795 Road vehicles, and tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry – Determination of the burning behavior of interior materials
FMVSS 302 Flammability of car interior materials
UN ECE R 118 Combustion behavior of materials used in the construction of certain categories of motor vehicles
Appendix 6 – Tests to determine the horizontal burning rate of materials
Appendix 7 – Tests to determine the melting behavior of materials
Appendix 8 – Tests to determine the vertical burning rate of materials
Appendix 9 – Tests to determine the ability of materials to repel fuel or lubricant
Appendix 10 – Tests to determine the resistance to flame propagation of electrical cables
GB 8410 Flammability of interior materials
PSA / RENAULT D45 1333 Interior cabin materials: Horizontal flammability
VOLKSWAGEN TL1010 Burning behavior: Material requirements
FIAT AUTO 7-G2000 Determination of the combustion resistance of non-metallic materials for parts inside a vehicle’s passenger compartment
GENERAL MOTORS GM9070P Tests of flammability of materials
VOLVO STD 104-0001 Flammability (burning behavior) of car interior materials
MERCEDES-BENZ DBL 5307 Flame retardant properties
NISSAN M0094 Flammability of Interior Materials for Automobiles

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